Natural treatment for asthma in aged people 

Its true that asthma is not related to age, but the symptoms are always severe on aged people compared to the youth. It’s because adults tend to have lower respiratory volume ( the amount of oxygen an individual takes in, and carbon dioxide forcibly breathes out in second). 

Unfortunately, no medication cures asthma completely. However, if you experience severe asthma attacks and your medications don’t seem to be any good, you may have to try these Natural treatments for asthma in aged people.

Natural Asthma treatment in aged people

Natural treatment for asthma in aged people

Food intake changes

Yes, the type of food you eat is likely not to have an immediate effect on your asthma, but may constitute a problem at a later time. The symptoms shown by an obese patient is always different and more severe. It’s good to maintain a healthy balanced diet. 

Some of these foods are mainly vegetables and fruits.  Also, antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C and E, which help to lower swelling around the airways, should be eaten more often. 

Meanwhile, it’s good to know what you eat, and if you notice a particular food triggers your attack, it’s advised you stopped eating such food. 

Papworth breathing technique

This method of breathing has been in existence since 1969 to help with asthma. It’s a breathing and relaxation technique that entails using your nose and diaphragm to develop a breathing pattern. Once this pattern is established, you can then apply it to various activities that trickers your asthma attack. 

Use of garlic

There’s no certified proof yet that Garlic helps prevent asthma attacks. However,  Garlic has many health benefits, which include anti-inflammatory properties, and because asthma is an inflammatory disease, garlic will help maintain healthy airways.


Ginger is another herb that contains anti-inflammatory properties and may help with severe asthma. A study carried out in 2013 has it that oral ginger supplements help reduce asthma attacks. However, it didn’t confirm that ginger leads to an improvement in overall lung function.

Omega-3 Oils

These oils have vast health benefits. They are usually found in fish and flax seeds. Intake of  Omega-3 Oils may help reduce swelling around airways and improve lung infection in the aged.

However, high doses of oral steroids can block the positive effects of these oils. It’s good to consult your doctor before settling with them. 


Caffeine intake, according to a 2010 studyTrusted source, can be effective for people with asthma. It’s likely to improve the function of airways for up to four hours or more after consumption. Also know that caffeine is a Bronchodilators, and is one of the natural treatment for asthma in aged people. 

While some of these Natural treatments for asthma in aged people will help reduce asthma attacks, still adhere to your doctor’s prescription on medications. It’s good to consult with your doctor before any complementary therapy. 


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