Natural remedies to remove pregnancy stretch marks

Pregnancy, no doubt, is good, but it does come with some “natural” irregularities, which among them include stretch marks. Pregnancy stretch marks occur when the skin layers stretch over the fast-growing body due to the baby growing inside the womb. The body stretches towards its elasticity, resulting in those ugly looking stretch marks. 

How to remove pregnancy stretch marks

Though the stretch mark is natural, it has been of great concern for both pregnant women and mothers. During pregnancy, the marks usually occur on the stomach, breast, below the shoulder, thighs, and bottoms. Reviews have shown that it is always better to treat them at early stages, as during that period, they respond fast to treatments.

According to some pregnant mothers, applying cocoa butter during and after their pregnancy has work wonders for them trying to remove pregnancy stretch marks, and it might help with yours as well. 

Means to Remove Pregnancy Stretch marks

There are many ways to remove pregnancy stretch marks over time. Making use of creams, oils, or lotions on the affected parts of the body, though, won’t make it disappear immediately, but with time. As the days go by, the stretches will continue to fade, making the streaks finer and closer to the body color. However, spending heavily on these oils and lotions are not entirely necessary. There are natural remedies that are proven to remove the pregnancy stretch marks. 

Alor Vera

How to remove pregnancy stretch marks
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Aloe vera is one of the few natural plants that have vast use. It helps to remove pregnancy stretch marks, and its result is visible within some months. For efficient use, the aloe vera gel needs to be extracted, then applied to the affected area with a good message until the body absorbs it.

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Coca / Shea butter

Cocoa butter along with shea butter that contains saturated and unsaturated acids, are easily absorbed by the skin, also contains vitamin A and E. These acids improves the body elasticity and prevents lack of moisture. The combination of both has worked wonders for the mother’s trying to remove pregnancy stretch marks.

Glycolic Acid

Another remedy that improves body elasticity is Glycolic Acid. It helps to increase the extracellular matrix of connecting tissues. It helps in the elasticity of the body, thus preventing pregnancy stretch marks.


Body exercise and consumption of a healthy diet will also help get rid of pregnancy stretch marks. Engaging in exercises that work out in affected areas of the body will help, especially stretching and kegel exercise. Foods like pregnancy Yoga and Pilates are important in maintaining weight. They also allow bodyweight to increase gradually. 

Away from home remedies for pregnancy stretch marks, there are some advanced but costly means to get rid of the stretch marks but strictly at the doctor’s recommendation. They include cosmetics treatments like lipoaspiration, similar to breast surgery. There are always negative and positive sides in this case, so before opting out for it, a doctor must be aware.

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