How to remove eye bags using home remedies

Old age sometimes comes with some ugly occurrence, and one of them is eye bags, which normally occur below the eyes. This particular occurrence can make you feel aging and tired and is always tough to feel fresh when your eyes seem to sag and weak because of the eye bags under them. Reviews have shown that eye bags are caused by fatigue and stress, so keeping the body fresh with exercise can help combat the ugly occurrence.

How to remove eye bags using home remedies
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However, to remove eye bags successfully, there is a need to know some factors that trigger the occurrence. While many factors contribute to this, generally, skin tissues around the eyes with age tend to get tired, and droopy causing fluid to amount under the eyes and create a distended look, leaving a black spot. 

Gene also plays a role in this, while things like allergies, hydration, and sleeping habits have a role to play as well. Meanwhile, some ugly self-behaviors like smoking, alcohol, and drugs contribute to it as well. 

Luckily, you can start making amends today on some behavior that constitutes a droopy eye. Improving your diet and living a healthy lifestyle will help remove the eye bags. Below is how to remove eye bags with homemade remedies.

How to remove eye bags using home remedies

•    Exercise

Exercise undoubtedly helps to reduce those ugly kinds of stuff that come with old age to help your skin glow. The area of the eye will mostly benefit from such exercise targeted at the face. For example, applying light pressure with your fingers on the affected areas will help take up the excess fluid and keep your face fresh. You can also try shoulder stand and bends.

•    Makeups

Mostly for women, leaving your make up can make the eye swollen, and therefore you should improve on your daily night routine by washing off your makeup. It is advised that you should always remove your makeup before going to bed to help reduce any unhealthy issues around the eyes.

•    Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the fruit with vastly remedies for body issues. Applying two slices of cold cucumber on your eyes for about 20 to 25 minutes will help remove eye bags. 

•    Hydration

Don’t give it much consideration if your retaining water. Since hydrating helps to remove eye bags, it is recommended you take much water, more so when your eyes feel saggy. 

•    Alcohol

One may try to see how alcohol also adds ups, but the intake of alcohol can cause dehydration, which leads to saggy eyes with round black circles around it. 

•    Smoking

Enough vitamin C helps in building healthy collagen in the skin, and smoking tries to empty the stored vitamin C in your body. Aside from improving your saggy eyes, quitting smoking will also add life to you. 

•    Salt

Salt is known to contain much amount of sodium, and this particular element contributes to water retention. Reducing your intake of salt will help improve your eye puffiness.

•    Sleep

The amount of sleep you get can contribute to building bags under your eyes, to the position you take while sleeping. It advised you to elevate your head with two pillows that are effective for good sleep and also getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Though getting a less sleeping time won’t cause a saggy eye, but it does leave you with a dark spot around the eyes.

•    Neti pot

how to remove eye bags using Neti pot

Neti pot originating from India is an ancient remedy for removing eye bags. It helps to eradicate some extra moisture in your sinuses. How to use it, simply allow the solution through your nostril, and allowing it to empty from the other one. It helps to remove mucus and other rubbles from the system.

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Most causes of droopy and tired eyes are likely to respond fast to those aforementioned home remedies. But if you notice these changes in just one eye or if they get severe with time, the proper thing is to visit your doctor for professional attention.

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