Home and natural remedies for arthritis treatment

Arthritis is one sickness that gets worse with age, which is caused by wear and tear over the years – Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid is another form of arthritis that develops as a result of the immune system attacking the joint. Arthritis, in general, causes stiffness and pain and is also associated with inflammation and swelling.

Home and natural remedies for arthritis treatment

There are so many home and natural remedies for arthritis treatment, and most times, doctors recommend anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers. However, most of these medications have side effects, which is why natural remedies for Arthritis treatment is on the rise.

But remember to have a chat with your doctor before trying these home and natural remedies for Arthritis treatment.

Home and natural remedies for arthritis treatment

Weight Loss

Excess weight stresses and put pressure on your joint, especially on the knees, hips, and feet. For someone who wants to reduce the pain of arthritis, it’s important to reduce some weight. It helps reduce stress on joints while improving the flexibility of your joints.

Reducing your weight is the first step to reducing the pain that comes with Arthritis and will help prevent future damage to your joints.


Exercising regularly comes with a lot of benefits apart from weight loss. It helps improve the flexibility of your joints to make them active. However, weight-bearing exercises, like running and walking are not advisable.

You can try low-impact exercises like water aerobics, swimming to improve the flexibility of your muscles without adding further stress.


Getting a regular massage can help reduce stiffness and pains in the joints, according to the Arthritis Foundation. However, you need to work with a physical therapist to learn self- messaging, or book appointments with a massage therapist regularly.

Hot and cold

Hot and cold is among the home and natural remedies for arthritis treatment. It’s very effective when it comes to reducing Arthritis pain. They include having a long, warm shower or bath in the morning. You can also use an electric blanket or moist heating pad at night to keep the joints free.

Also, natural remedies for arthritis treatment like cold treatment help reduce joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. You can make use of a gel ice pack or a bag of cold beverages in a towel and place it to stiff and painful joints to ease the pain.


As funny as it may sound, it’s one of the home and natural remedies for arthritis treatment. However, it performs best for people with depression and is also suffering from arthritis pain. A mindfulness meditation, according to the National Institutes of Health, is helpful in joint pain relief. Meditation and relaxation techniques have been proven to help some people reduce arthritis pain by minimizing stress and allowing them to contain it better, the pain.

Right Fatty-Acid in meals

Since it has been proven that fatty-acid help in joint pain, you should have some in your meals. A good example is the Fish oil supplement, which is high in Omega-3 s. Another efficient one is gamma-linolenic acid or GLA, found in the seeds of primrose, borage, hemp, and black currants. However, the best way to get these oils is buying them as a supplement, but always check with your doctor before using any of them

Tumeric in your meals

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory substances, which can help reduce arthritis pain. Turmeric is the yellow spice that’s common in Indian dishes and contains a chemical called curcumin.

But then, the remedy has only been tested on lab rats, which reduce inflammation in their joints. But adding the spice to your meals won’t cause you any harm.

Herbal supplement

There are many herbal supplements you can buy in the market today that claim to reduce joint pain. Some of these supplements include Boswellia, Bromelain, Devil’s Claw, Ginkgo, Stinging Nettle, and Thunder god Vine.

But before making use of the Herbal supplement, you must discuss it with your doctor to avoid any side effects. And when buying any herbs, do that from a known source.

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Arthritis pain can be very painful, but making use of the above-listed home and natural remedies for arthritis treatment can help you reduce the pain. However, always chat with your doctor before deciding for anyone.


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