Causes of Arthritis in aged people, symptoms, and treatment

Arthritis affects the aged mostly, especially Osteoarthritis. As the cartilage wears down with age, it leaves the bone to rob with each other, thereby causing a series of pain. This type of arthritis occurs on the neck, lower back, hands, hips, and knee. Overweight individuals are likely to suffer osteoarthritis on their knees.

Meanwhile, Arthritis is a condition of having lasting pain in the joints, which is mostly accompanied by stiffness and swelling. In this post, we are going to explore the causes of Arthritis in aged people, symptoms, and treatment.


Causes of arthritis in aged people
causes of arthritis

Causes of Arthritis in aged people (Osteoarthritis)

Osteoarthritis affects the aged people mostly. It occurs as a situation of the cartilage, which is a tissue usually found at the end of a joint begins to wear away, causing the bones to have direct contact with each other. It’s likely to affect the hands, neck, hips, knee, and lower back.

Coming down in age increases the chances of an individual developing Osteoarthritis. Scientist believes the cause in some cases depends on the body part the disease is affecting. It’s likely to be genetic when it’s affecting the hand or hips while on the knee is related to body weight. Overuse or injuries on joints can also result in pain.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis in aged people

Symptoms of osteoarthritis in aged people can come from stiffness and mild pain, which comes and goes. These pains are accompanied by walking, bending, or severe joint pains that keep on even at rest. In rare cases, the disease causes joints stiffness when you haven’t moved them in a while. It can also make it hard moving your joints, which can lead to disability when the back, knee, or hips gets affected.

Treatment of Osteoarthritis in aged people

While it’s believed that old age is one of the major causes of Arthritis in aged people, there are still proven ways to avoid these pains even in old age. Adequate rest and exercise are the natural ways to keep your joints active while medicine can also help control the pain. Also, depending on the severity of the pain, there can be surgery to repair or replace the damaged joints.

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You might relieve the pain around the joints by applying heat or cold, having a warm bath, or swimming in a heated pool. Recent research suggests that Chinese acupuncture reduce osteoarthritis pain in some people. Also, dietary supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin can help ease the pain around the joints as well.

There is a wide range of natural treatments for Arthritis in aged people, but are yet to be scientifically tested and proven. Some make use of snake venom, which can be harmful while the copper bracelets are harmless but still don’t have proof of the efficiency.

Therefore, haven said that exercise remains a popular treatment for Arthritis, along with the right medication and enough rest. Exercising your muscles daily reduce stiffness and makes your joints active. These exercises can range from walking, swimming, dancing, bicycle riding.

For example, dancing and yoga relieves stiffness, keeps you active, and helps you in moving your joints. Weight training will help you burn fat and build muscle strength, which supports and protects the joint. Aerobic and Endurance exercises like Bicycle riding and running helps you prevent weight gain. It can also reduce swelling in the joint and will make your heart and arteries healthy.

Nevertheless, when treating Arthritis with any of these remedies, be smart enough to know if it’s working or not. Also, when making use of cream on the joints, look at the label to understand the direction of use and never use anyone without a label.

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