Biotox Gold Liquid Drop Formula (Detailed Review)

For someone that wants to shed some weight, there’s currently a lot of weight loss supplements in the market. But while most of them promise to help you burn fat in days, it turns out adding to your problems. That’s why it’s good to check out for reviews of any weight loss supplement before making use of it.

What is Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold nutrition/solution is described as a 100% all-natural liquid formula that burn belly fat, detoxify your body, and skyrocket energy levels, among other benefits.

Made by Biotox Nutrition, the supplement is being marketed heavily to older adults seeking to reclaim sagging energy levels. If you have noticed energy levels drop with age, then Biotox Gold may be able to help.

The formula not only helps attain weight management goals, but also induce healthy fat burning, obtain a healthier blood sugar levels, joints and the heart all show improvements, gaining full control over the root causes of fat storage.

It uses natural ingredients and also follows a healthy and natural approach to weight loss. And most times, fat gain isn’t entirely about what we eat, but the body’s metabolism. Slow digestion and unhealthy toxins in the body are the major cause of obesity, which is what Biotox Gold improves and flushes out of the human body.

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The supplement follows a natural approach, and as such, there’s relatively no side-effect. Also, consumers who had use Biotox Gold haven’t complained of any side effects.

The story Behind Biotox Gold Discovery.

According to Tonya Harris, (a 49yrs old single mom of two, a special education teacher from Henderson NV, and the creator of this weight loss formula known as Biotox Gold), after her husband left her for another woman because of her overweight gain.

She tried almost everything she knew about weight loss, recommendations from her doctor and other dieticians; she tried calorie-cutting, smaller portions, diet pills, keto, palorie etc, she worked out every morning and yet none of those did helped her to lose weight. More like she had tried literally everything, but nothing could get her weight under control.

After pouring out her mind and all her insecurities to her doctor, he suggested she make a change. So she started going from one online forum to another, posting stories about herself. 

It was during those times, she got a call from Vice President as at then, who then told her that everything she knew about losing weight is totally wrong. They did meet in person, it was after their meeting, that everything changes for her; from perception about weight loss to all the things she had been doing wrong this whole time.

It’s a long video presentation . Watch it below if you haven’t;

The skeptical side of the whole story is that she didn’t actually elaborate in details, how the change occurred, she only said it was after their meeting and her quest to change her situation, which gave rise to her accidental discovering of an Ancient Indonesian “30 Seconds Morning Ritual that help her to lose weight”.

This 30-Second Morning Ritual accidental discovery, helped her to burns away her stubborn belly fat, as well as detoxifying her body, which in turn skyrocketed her energy levels and made her fit all again. The good thing about this discovery is that it didn’t prevent her from taking her favorite meals, snacks, and the likes, she didn’t have to starve herself nor do extreme diets, or strenuous exercises.

This discovery had helped over 204,378 people and still counting. She went further to said is that it’s so effective that it can work for anyone regardless of age difference whether 21, 30, or 80years; whether you’re 21Ibs or 120lbs overweight, regardless of how much sugar or carbohydrates you eat, your thyroid hormones, metabolism or even genetics. None of those matters.

After 12 weeks of this discovery and testing, she lost a whopping 71lbs, plus her energy level skyrocketed, and also her immune system where significantly boosted.

Well this could be true, in the sense that 12 weeks is a whole lot of time to see results, below is her before and after picture so we can see things for ourselves.

Tonya Harris before and after picture.

Biotox Gold seems to be an effective liquid drop formula, from the retailer statistics, the refund rate is extremely low which means that it’s actually working for customers/consumers that have used and tested the supplement.

Below are some of the feedback from those customers.

Who is Biotox Gold For?

According to the vendor, Biotox Gold is only meant for people who want to lose weight, also those who want to take charge of their health and leave nothing to chance about a silent disease or heart attack are eligible to give the formula a try.

How does Biotox Gold Work?

Biotox Gold is intended to target the hormone that causes the human body to retain fat. According to the vendor, if you take 10 drops (three times a day) of this hot supplement helps unleash your body’s fat-burning mechanism. 

It’s drops are explicitly planned so that molitin works better in your digestive tract. Motilin is a 20 amino acid residue polypeptide that is released by enterochromaffin cells and M Cells in the stomach, small intestine and colon.

Its secretion is stimulated by the acidic pH of the duodenum. Its effects consist of stimulating pepsin production and increasing gastric motor activity by stimulating smooth muscle.

It performs its duty on the G protein-coupled receptors in the enteric neurons of the duodenum and colon, and its injection produces contractions of the smooth muscle of the stomach and intestines.

It’s concentration in the circulation increases at intervals of approximately 100 minutes in the inter-digestive state and is an important regulator of the migratory motor complexes, which control gastrointestinal motility between meals.

On the other hand, when food is ingested, the secretion of motilin is suppressed until digestion and absorption are complete. The antibiotic binds to motilin receptors, and derivatives of this compound may be useful in treating patients with reduced gastrointestinal motility.

The weight supplement not only improves body metabolism but also detoxes the body. It helps to flush out unhealthy toxins in the body, which contributes to fat gain. Again, Biotox Gold helps to balance the hormones in the body. Someone suffering from hormonal imbalance is expected to gain more weight.

Biotox Gold Ingredients:

Every powerful liquid drop of Biotox Gold Supplement comes with herbal amalgam of 20 natural ingredients in their purest form. Few of these are:

  • Garcinia Cambogia – Garcinia Cambogia is one of the highly active weight loss ingredients. It brings a compound which results in curbing your appetite. When the appetite is curbed, and the user is consuming fewer calories, he can quickly burn fat.
  • Grape seed extract – Grape seed extract brings enough antioxidants, and that helps in treating high cholesterol levels and lousy circulation as well. You can quickly reduce inflammation and swelling when you have enough antioxidants supply.
  • Capsicum – It is mostly used for treating painful conditions. It is very effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Eleuthero – Act as an adaptogen for reducing stress. Siberian Ginseng is mainly used in medicines for maintaining the healthy functioning of the nervous system.
  • Maca root – Maca root has its origin in Peru, and it is mostly used for libido and fertility issues. It is instrumental in enhancing stamina and energy as well. Can also be used for fighting against free radicals, which always fill out body with unhealthy compounds.
  • Licorice root – It is useful in tissue balance, and it brings glycyrrhizic acid. This acid helps in fighting against inflammation, and meantime increases immune system function as well.

Aside, it will have the option to carry out its responsibility and correct the hormone that causes the body to hold extreme fat.

Is Biotox Gold Safe?

Biotox Gold has been taken by thousands of people with no reported side effects. The only side effect is having to spend money on new tight-fitting sexy clothing, or canceling your gym membership.

It’s a lot safer than starvation diets or hours of high intensity cardio at the gym, because you are restoring your body’s natural fat burning and hunger response rather than disrupting it further.

The formula was manufactured at an FDA-inspected, state-of-the-art facility, using the latest equipment, additionally they were put through third-party inspections and quality control so you can rest assured that the products is safe.

As always, if you currently have a medical condition or you’re taking other prescription medication, I advise you to show a bottle of this to your doctor before you take it, just to be safe.


  • Biotox Gold is a 100% natural and friendly dietary supplement.
  • Comes with natural ingredients & ancient remedies to achieve a faster result on melting fat.
  • Most of these ingredients have been traditionally used for decades.
  • Offered in liquid drop for utmost nutrients absorption
  • It has no strict dietary restrictions, you can still continue enjoying your favorite foods.
  • Improves possible health complications like sugar levels & hypertension
  • Price is relatively affordable


  • Not available in retail stores at the moment.
  • May delay or may not result in better for anyone who chooses to skip the supplement in their regular diet.
  • No evidence supporting long-term use of this supplement.

Deals, Prices and Bonuses:

Biotox Gold Supplement is sold that if you buy only a bottle it cost $79, if you buy three bottles which cost $165, it’s more like you got it $55 per bottle, but if you decide to buy the best-value Package (six bottles) which cost a total of $252, the cost per bottle will be less, only $42.

Biotox Gold reviews

All packages come with a 60-Day Money-Back guarantee. As a perk, the formula come with free shipping. In summary;

  • a bottle cost $79.
  • three (3) bottles cost $165 at ($55 per bottle) >> with a bottle of Biotox Nutrition.
  • six (6) bottles cost $252 at ($42 per bottle) >> with two bottles of Biotox Nutrition.

Where To Buy Biotox Gold

The main version of this formula is not distributed through other stores, at the moment you can only purchase from the vendor’s Official Website –

However, you may discover several other websites other there that connect directly to the payment web page. Having said that, it is best to click through to the vendor’s website to learn more.

In conclusion

Biotox Gold seems to stands out almost above all other similar products in terms of both quality and effectiveness. The ingredients found in this formula appear to reverse the effects imposed on the body due to low motility.

The key concern with Biotox Gold is not having the full nutritional facts available. This seems risky given that select ingredients are effective at specific doses and anything in excess could lead to unwanted side effects.

If you feel the urge to give the supplement a trial, go ahead so you join and leave a favorable feedback to help others looking to lose weight make an informed decision. We hope you find value in this piece of review article. Thanks for reading.

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