Basic protective measures against Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease is a newly discovered infectious disease caused by Coronavirus. Most people infected with the COVID-19 already recovered after experiencing mild to moderate respiratory sickness. However, the aged people and those with chronic diseases like diabetes, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are at risk of developing serious illnesses.

Basic protective measures against Coronavirus

How Coronavirus originated

The virus originated from Wuhan, a “wet market” in China where live animals, including fish and birds, are sold. Meanwhile, the animal linked to the Coronavirus is yet to be identified, but said to be in bats. However, bats are not sold at the Wuhan market but the possibility of an infected live chicken and fish is most likely.

Could the outbreak reach to more country?

It’s difficult to say how this will turn out, but on the recent development, the virus is mostly going to spread to other countries, affecting more people. Luckily enough, China is recovering from the virus as reported cases are decreasing, but other countries keep recording new cases.

common health conditions affecting the aged

Symptoms of Coronavirus

Initial symptoms of the virus include fever, dry cough, tiredness, difficulty in breathing, and a general feeling of being unwell. The virus has an 80% survival rate, meaning most people that contracted it will recover without medical attention.

Basic protective measures against Coronavirus

However, the basic protective measures against Coronavirus is to be aware of the virus, the symptoms, and how it spreads. Protect yourself and your family from the virus by improving your hygiene. Wash your hands using soap and water or alcohol rub regularly, and avoid touching your face, nose, eyes, etc.

How Coronavirus spread

How the COVID-19 virus spread is through droplets of liquid when an infected person coughs or sneezes. At this time, you must cough into a flexed elbow or tissue and dispose of it immediately.

Treatment for COVID-19

Unfortunately, there’s currently no particular vaccine or treatment for COVID. We have heard the United States president say Chloroquine can now be “compassionately” used for the virus. It’s a situation where a drug yet to be approved can be used for a life-threatening situation. However, there are still ongoing trials evaluating possible treatment for the disease.

Note: the most effective basic protective measures against Coronavirus is to stay at home unless the situation demands you must go out. Be safe out there.

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